Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pharaohs - 100% SILK EP OUT NOW and SOLD OUT!!!

Cat in the Hat hats off to mad Madchester vibes in Pharaohs debut “Uhh Uhh.” You’ll have Happy Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays bouncing around to Pharaohs’ electric piano keys, synthetic drum pads, funky 80s breakdowns, and pitch-shifted-way-down vocal samples. A lot of freaky dancing went into this jangly, baggy World Party: Dublab aesthetics, memories of Buenos Aires bootleg cassettes, wave bending in Waikiki, Suzanne arts and Kraft. Add a bit of bubbly St. Germain acid, a pinch of 60s extended jazz grooves, a dash of KLF big band UK nonsense, and a touch of 94.7 fm liquid sax/velvet breath and you’ve got the deep pleasure of Pharaohs. Like nothing the SILK has seen before; taking the shiny dance floor to the warehouse cement floor, to the sandy patio floor for some hot, hot Hacienda nights.

Available now on 100% SILK

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Pharaohs released a new song via this compilation.

A collection of tracks from L.A. and Japanese artists to support the earthquake victims of Japan. Features artists from the forefront of the L.A. beat scene such as Daedelus(Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder), Computer Jay, Monopoly (Brainfeeder), Asura (Non-Projects), Matthewdavid (Brainfeeder, Leaving Records), and Teebs (Brainfeeder). Leftfield beats from Nguzunguzu, Dday One, Butchy Fuego, Antonionian, Quarta 330. Uptempo house and techno from AOKI Takamasa, John Tejada, SUzanne Kraft, Fujimoto Tetsuro, and Mark De Clive-Lowe. Indie rock, synth pop, and folk from Gangi, Pharaohs, Build An Ark, Julia Holter, akane del mar, and Mia Doi Todd. Japanese beatmakers such as sauce81 from Cosmopolyphonic, MONOm.i.c., Fujimoto Testuro, SATO, ngoma(aka DJ Duct), Yamaan, Nut's(diyTokion), Azzy, Haruki Matsuo, and daisuke tanabe are also featured.


Japanese Red Cross Society:

Civic Force:

compiled and produced by: Hashim Bharoocha