Thursday, December 29, 2011

100% SILK Party, January 13.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pharaohs - 100% SILK EP OUT NOW and SOLD OUT!!!

Cat in the Hat hats off to mad Madchester vibes in Pharaohs debut “Uhh Uhh.” You’ll have Happy Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays bouncing around to Pharaohs’ electric piano keys, synthetic drum pads, funky 80s breakdowns, and pitch-shifted-way-down vocal samples. A lot of freaky dancing went into this jangly, baggy World Party: Dublab aesthetics, memories of Buenos Aires bootleg cassettes, wave bending in Waikiki, Suzanne arts and Kraft. Add a bit of bubbly St. Germain acid, a pinch of 60s extended jazz grooves, a dash of KLF big band UK nonsense, and a touch of 94.7 fm liquid sax/velvet breath and you’ve got the deep pleasure of Pharaohs. Like nothing the SILK has seen before; taking the shiny dance floor to the warehouse cement floor, to the sandy patio floor for some hot, hot Hacienda nights.

Available now on 100% SILK

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Pharaohs released a new song via this compilation.

A collection of tracks from L.A. and Japanese artists to support the earthquake victims of Japan. Features artists from the forefront of the L.A. beat scene such as Daedelus(Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder), Computer Jay, Monopoly (Brainfeeder), Asura (Non-Projects), Matthewdavid (Brainfeeder, Leaving Records), and Teebs (Brainfeeder). Leftfield beats from Nguzunguzu, Dday One, Butchy Fuego, Antonionian, Quarta 330. Uptempo house and techno from AOKI Takamasa, John Tejada, SUzanne Kraft, Fujimoto Tetsuro, and Mark De Clive-Lowe. Indie rock, synth pop, and folk from Gangi, Pharaohs, Build An Ark, Julia Holter, akane del mar, and Mia Doi Todd. Japanese beatmakers such as sauce81 from Cosmopolyphonic, MONOm.i.c., Fujimoto Testuro, SATO, ngoma(aka DJ Duct), Yamaan, Nut's(diyTokion), Azzy, Haruki Matsuo, and daisuke tanabe are also featured.


Japanese Red Cross Society:

Civic Force:

compiled and produced by: Hashim Bharoocha

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011


New Pharaohs song included in this compilation:

dublab’s Tonalism Playbutton is here!!! This is a wearable, ambient music experience. You can turn your favorite, soft sweater into an article of sheer, soothing sound by pinning this gorgeous collection of music to your chest. Playbutton is an innovative and incredible music format and we’re thrilled to have been invited to compile one of their earliest releases. Click here for the full list of Playbuttons now available. The first batch of these Playbuttons are being shipped out as thank you gifts to dublab listeners who generously supported us during our “Sounds of Symmetry” Proton Drive fundraiser.

Tonalism Playbutton Compilation Track Listing:
1. Lucky Dragons “Changing Tempers”
2. Golden Hits “Shimmer”
3. SFV Acid “Stanley’s Dream2″
4. Julia Holter “Cordula: Murder Ballad” produced by Julia Holter and Corey Lee Granet
5. Marcus Fischer “Three Drifts”
6. Pharaohs “By Moonlight”
7. Windy & Carl “Live at The Cave”
8. Julianna Barwick “Threads”
9. White Rainbow & Matthewdavid “Jungle Hassle Struts”

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pharaohs, live this Saturday, August 6 at Music For Dancers

To RSVP and event info email MFD at:
Please reserve your space for this event. Capacity is limited and will fill up.

Music by Jiro, Pharaohs, Thomas K.

11pm until Noon on Sunday the 7th

$15 at the door

BYOB, no alcohol will be sold at the event

More info about the event from the MFD crew:
About the Gathering:
When you enter our party you make a difference, you help the true underground stay alive. If this beautiful thing is to survive it is through the collective effort of each of us. On behalf of the Music for Dancers Crew, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart.

1. No sleeping
2. No Ins-and-Outs
3. No flash photography
4. No pens/markers

Our philosophy:
We aim to provide an atmosphere that allows for the full interaction between the music and the dancer. It is our goal to provide the highest fidelity audio, a dance floor, and a positive vibe for your exploration of both inner and outer space. We believe that music is a vital essence of life through which all borders, rules, and limitations can be overcome. This is neither a money-making venture, nor an attempt to be "dj's." This is music for dancers, music for you. So come over to our hOMe, you are invited. Together we can make it happen.

Reaching Out:
At Music For Dancers we collect your canned food and used clothing donations and drop them off at local skid row homeless shelters. Our "parties" are of service to those in need. We have the power to leave a positive impact within our community. These parties are a chance to put that potential to use.

Giving Thanks:
We would like to say THANK YOU to: you the citizen of the underground, Oliver at Amoeba, Ritesh, Juan Nunez, Jonathan “J-Disko” Lastra, Pacific Horizons, Paul T. and all supporters and participants of the record pool, Jiro and Cameron Weatherford for setting the musical mood for so many amazing nights, Alfredo and the balloon crew possee, Scott and Elizabeth for their precision in handling the door, Bea for the music among so many other things, Dublab for unending support, Maximus, The Hammer, Cid Vicious, Elgin, Rick Wren and the whole OG MFD crew who believed from the beginning!!! Thank YOU!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silky Vids

LISTEN TO SILK @ FREAK CITY from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

Live footage from the 100% Silk Show @ Freak City 7\17\11
Featuring Pharaohs, Innergaze , and Magic Touch
filmed by B.E.N.

Thursday, July 7, 2011



dublab VisionVersion : Pharaohs

“Tantra Sky”

PHARAOHS "Tantra Sky" (dublab VisionVersion) from dublab on Vimeo.

Museum of Neon Art

Matt Amato & Grant Leuchtner

dublab is thrilled to share the next installment of the VisionVersion film series. This live performance by Pharaohs was filmed in the glow of the Museum of Neon Art in Downtown, Los Angeles. The Museum of Neon Art (MONA) is devoted to art built using neon lighting and their collection includes preserved neon signs as well as original fine art and kinetic art. The collection exists to encourage learning and curiosity through the preservation, collection and interpretation of neon art. It’s collection includes new art built with neon lighting and

Pharaohs is composed of Sam Cooper and Alejandro Cohen, with guest appearances by Suzanne Kraft, SFV Acid, Austin of Puro Instinct, Casey Butler, William Lemon III, Soft Soil Music, and Michael Martinson. They continue in the tradition of experimental music performance created by artists such as Terry Riley, La Dusseldorf, Psychic TV and Popol Vuh among others. During their live performances Pharaohs expand their compositions by improvising and re-writing them on the spot. With a combination of sound textures, dance beats and intricate rhythms, the music of Pharaohs has been captivating listeners during their live performances, pushing to new territories as well as traveling paths of the past. Pharaohs released its first set of compositions through the Los Angeles based label Living Tapes in 2009, and has had songs on a number of compilations throughout 2010. The band is currently working on two EPs that will be out in 2011/2012.

This VisionVersion was directed by Matt Amato of The Masses and local Los Angeles musician Grant Leuchtner. Matt Amato is a longtime friend of dublab and also directed our Long Lost VisionVersion at the Velaslavasy Panorama and the Lucky Dragons and Cluster VisionVersions at Farmlab. Grant’s self-expressive music has been previously posted on dublab.