Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pharaohs, live this Saturday, August 6 at Music For Dancers

To RSVP and event info email MFD at:
Please reserve your space for this event. Capacity is limited and will fill up.

Music by Jiro, Pharaohs, Thomas K.

11pm until Noon on Sunday the 7th

$15 at the door

BYOB, no alcohol will be sold at the event

More info about the event from the MFD crew:
About the Gathering:
When you enter our party you make a difference, you help the true underground stay alive. If this beautiful thing is to survive it is through the collective effort of each of us. On behalf of the Music for Dancers Crew, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart.

1. No sleeping
2. No Ins-and-Outs
3. No flash photography
4. No pens/markers

Our philosophy:
We aim to provide an atmosphere that allows for the full interaction between the music and the dancer. It is our goal to provide the highest fidelity audio, a dance floor, and a positive vibe for your exploration of both inner and outer space. We believe that music is a vital essence of life through which all borders, rules, and limitations can be overcome. This is neither a money-making venture, nor an attempt to be "dj's." This is music for dancers, music for you. So come over to our hOMe, you are invited. Together we can make it happen.

Reaching Out:
At Music For Dancers we collect your canned food and used clothing donations and drop them off at local skid row homeless shelters. Our "parties" are of service to those in need. We have the power to leave a positive impact within our community. These parties are a chance to put that potential to use.

Giving Thanks:
We would like to say THANK YOU to: you the citizen of the underground, Oliver at Amoeba, Ritesh, Juan Nunez, Jonathan “J-Disko” Lastra, Pacific Horizons, Paul T. and all supporters and participants of the record pool, Jiro and Cameron Weatherford for setting the musical mood for so many amazing nights, Alfredo and the balloon crew possee, Scott and Elizabeth for their precision in handling the door, Bea for the music among so many other things, Dublab for unending support, Maximus, The Hammer, Cid Vicious, Elgin, Rick Wren and the whole OG MFD crew who believed from the beginning!!! Thank YOU!!!

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