Monday, September 12, 2011


New Pharaohs song included in this compilation:

dublab’s Tonalism Playbutton is here!!! This is a wearable, ambient music experience. You can turn your favorite, soft sweater into an article of sheer, soothing sound by pinning this gorgeous collection of music to your chest. Playbutton is an innovative and incredible music format and we’re thrilled to have been invited to compile one of their earliest releases. Click here for the full list of Playbuttons now available. The first batch of these Playbuttons are being shipped out as thank you gifts to dublab listeners who generously supported us during our “Sounds of Symmetry” Proton Drive fundraiser.

Tonalism Playbutton Compilation Track Listing:
1. Lucky Dragons “Changing Tempers”
2. Golden Hits “Shimmer”
3. SFV Acid “Stanley’s Dream2″
4. Julia Holter “Cordula: Murder Ballad” produced by Julia Holter and Corey Lee Granet
5. Marcus Fischer “Three Drifts”
6. Pharaohs “By Moonlight”
7. Windy & Carl “Live at The Cave”
8. Julianna Barwick “Threads”
9. White Rainbow & Matthewdavid “Jungle Hassle Struts”

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