Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pharaohs live at MOX

MOX is ecstatic to announce a 100% Silk showcase. This LA-based record label is quickly defining a chill Southern California sound known for dream-like beats and slowed-down disco goodness. This is Balaeria at its finest.

The night will feature the following artists: Pharaohs, LEECH, LA Vampires, and Suzanne Kraft.

This is an exclusive engagement hosted by tomorrow's music television. The event is free AND there is an open bar.

The event begins promptly at 8pm. Please RSVP by sending your name to

And remember, this is what music looks like.

100% SILK ----->

As smooth as oil on a blister or hot wax on a platter, 100% SILK makes 45 RPM 12 inch singles of diamond-life dance and bliss-disco and basement luxury grooves by friends and lovers from all over the world. Those in the know are revelling in 100% Silk’s fantastic take on classic dance genres, and those that don’t are gradually waking up to its ways.


(praise for Pharaohs debut single)

Mesmerizing baggy bumps with an ounce of LA glamour, fresh in from the 100% Silk set. 'Uhh Uhh' is Pharaoh's debut single, paying tribute to the cement floors of the HaƧ and the sandy beaches of a phantasy Balaeria circa 1987. On the front you've got the swaggering title track, full of electric pianos, slow-motion strobe synths and urging acid bass arranged with an eye-fluttering psychedelic subtlety, while 'What ???' pushes the tempo up and unloads some swirling, honking sax-work like some stray Members Only edit. Rotate her for 'Flutter & Moan', a proto-prog-House jacker with entrancing arpeggios and memories of twinkle-eyed moments in the throng, before checking out to the "liquid sax/velvet breath' jazz bleats of 'Sunblitz'.

LEECH ----->


LA Vampires are the dark musical brainchild of former Pocahaunted member Amanda Brown, co-founder of California noise and drone label Not Not Fun. Inhabiting a world of chopped-up beats, DJ Screw-style warptronics, and eerie drones, Brown's hallucinatory sound, dripping with cough syrup and mystique, was first heard on a split 12" with the Bay Area's Psychic Reality. Frequently cited as a contributor to the 2010 "witch house" movement alongside the likes of oOoOO, Salem, and White Ring, Not Not Fun was regarded as the sonic vanguard of this experimental and bold sound as well as an important vehicle for pushing female musicians to the fore (the label's excellent compilation My Estrogeneration being a case in point). Bolstering her supposed witch house credentials, Brown released a collaborative EP with Zola Jesus to critical acclaim in 2010. During that year she also released the mini-LP So Unreal, a distorted psychedelic pop collaboration with Matrix Metals.


Suzanne Kraft cultivates sunsoaked boogie and grow house chuggers in the West Coast garden of earthly delights. A bubbling Dublab alumn, Lil Suzie unleashed the lauded Green Flash EP on Running Back a year ago now, stamping a crisp signature on wax platters with addictive vocal snips and slow release pill-wave.

About MOX ----->

MOX is what MTV would be if it launched in 2013: an online interactive music television channel that ushers electronic music into the mainstream. We feature a lean-back 24/7 live stream as well as a deep archive of content for users to discover and share. With studios in both Hollywood and Manhattan and hundreds of hours of original footage, MOX brings the latest music videos, news, interviews, festival coverage, studio sessions, and original episodic programming to hungry music fans on any connected device. Why has no one done this before? We have no idea.

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